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Monday, December 03, 2007

Day 21...A new juicer

We used the new juicer all weekend and this morning. I decided to get a Breville because it came highly recommended online and in the book I'm reading. It has a really powerful motor and spins a lot faster than the LaLanne juicer--supposedly. It was also reported to be an easier clean-up.

Here's D "juicing" the limes and lemons separately. We learned that it's easier and quicker to do them this way rather than taking the time to cut the peel away and put them in the big juicer.

Here's another tip: When juicing greens, put them in between fruit pieces. Otherwise, they seem to just shoot through the machine without juicing. Make a sandwich :)

There's the juice shooting out of the spout and straight into the container. No chance to get splashed.

One great feature is the little plastic piece that keeps the foam from going into your glass. Wonderful thing. D doesn't have to leave the house with a veggie mustache :)

So far, I like the juicer. I am a little skeptical about the better juicing power though. When using the LaLanne, it usually yields at least 2.5 glasses of juice. I'm using the same amount of fruits and veggies and only getting 2 glasses. Perhaps there's less pulp getting through?? Not sure. As far as the clean-up, this makes just as much of a mess in my opinion. However, it has smaller pieces so it's not as awkward to clean. The basket is a little tougher to clean because of the finer steel mesh. If anyone wants the promo code to receive an additional 10-20% off a purchase at M.acy's dot com--email me. Offer ends today. I got the juicer for $134+tax.

Today and tomorrow I'm gonna be busy getting the guest room and bath ready for my mom who is coming for a month tomorrow evening. I was suppose to do all this getting ready stuff in the beginning of November. I can't believe I did this to myself. Anyway, everyone enjoy your day!


Blogger Cravin' Veggies said...

Love the juicer. Just got the same one myself last week! We made the best papaya-kiwi-apple-raspberry-clementine (clean out the fridge) juice. It was FANTASTIC!! (would have been nice with some malibu rum, too!!) ;-)

The green juice will take some getting used to, but the benefits definitely outweigh the negatives. And, really, it doesn't taste THAT bad...

4:59 PM  
Blogger apoopslingingmonkey said...

cool blog! :) throw your pulp thru 2-3x you'll get way more juice thats what i do, works great! takes a few extra seconds but yeilds about 1-3 more inches of liquid depending on what your juicing.

LOL! at what you said about your moms 1 month visit -"I can't believe I did this to myself."
it'll be fun lol, juice it up for her, and maybe set up her very own 'Alien Santa' in her room LOL!

5:33 PM  

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