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Married & Trying to have a baby for almost 4 years. Dealing with MF (male factor infertility).

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Days 23-24

Mom's here. Don't really know what to do with her besides take her on my daily trips to the grocery store. She likes the green drink and the meals I'm making. I just found out that she's a Type II Diabetic diagnosed in March. Wow. She's always been thin and a healthy eater. Her doctor told her it was probably genetic. My grandmother was diabetic towards the end of her life. She lived to be 80. My mom is 61. It's scary to think about your body turning against you. It's scary to realize sometimes you have no control over which disease or diseases you may end up suffering with. One of the things infertility has taught me is that you never know what will happen. You never know inside your body or outside of it.

Thanks for the continued support and to everyone one for hanging there with this challenge. I'm so proud of us all! Only 6 Days left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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