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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I'll do the Hate list today and the Like list tomorrow. Tagged by Shelby
10 things I hate

1. Being late.
Although I seem to care less about it since meeting D who is late ALL THE TIME!

2. Having to watch what I eat and diet all the time.
No explanation needed.

3. Infertility.
Nuff said.

4. Arrogant people.
There just is no need. Everyone is unique and special.

5. Being hungry and having a recipe come out wrong.
I've had fits and thrown entire dinners into the trash.

6. Plants dying.
I can't do anything that flowers indoors. And I keep killing my herbs as well.

7. Paying bills.
I just don't like doing it, but it's a necessary pain in the ass.

8. Getting junk mail.
Ughhh. I just want the stuff I have to pay!! I even canceled all my magazine subscriptions cuz I just can't stand getting extra shit in the mail. I need to look into that service that eliminates your junk mail.

9. Shopping.
I only like to grocery shop. Anything else drives me nuts. But I can spend a good 2 hours in a good grocery store.

10. Pumping gas.
It's just an inconvenience. It's a disruption in my schedule to wherever I'm headed.


Tonight is copycat Benihana night!! Who-hoo. Meaning I'm making Benihana Delight (shrimp and chicken) with the cream sauce and ginger sauce with a salad and the dressing. Yummm!! I haven't made this in years so I'm pretty excited! I mean, you know, cooking is the highlight of my life :)

Our own dear LJ was featured in Women's Health July/August issue which just happened to be in the RE's office. I took a pic with my camera phone, so sorry for the poor quality. She Rocks!!


Blogger Sunny said...

You can cook for me anytime!!!

I love your picture of LJs article. SO PERFECT!!!

11:54 AM  
Blogger LJ said...

OMG - That is TOO funny.

I'm blushing. I seriously can't believe they actually posted that.

10:05 AM  
Blogger Changing Expectations said...

Hi there, Your dinner sounds awesome! I didn't get a chance to see the article - I'll be looking for it!

6:25 PM  

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