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Monday, July 21, 2008

Todays bits

Today I had my first mammogram. I've been having breast pain for a few months and some swelling on my right. Thankfully nothing showed up on the mammogram or sonogram, but now what? There is obviously something wrong, but I have no idea what to do next. Should I keep pushing?

The mammogram itself was of course uncomfortable. And good grief did my boob look HUGE plopped on that machine all squashed down. I was a total basket-case and cried all morning. Anyway, it's done. Real life sucks sometimes.

On the house front, we ran into a bit of a snag. The insurance checks were made out to include the mortgage company as a payee. Our bank wouldn't take the check. After many phone calls, turns out this is common practice and we have to send the checks to the mortgage company with the insurance estimate, contractor estimate and all this other crap documentation. Then the mortgage company will send us some of the money to get the work started and once 50% is done a reevaluation will have to take place and thennnnn we get the remaining money. Can you believe this shit? Anyway, it's annoying and causing a lot of extra unnecessary paperwork and time. Ughhhh.

We're seriously contemplating getting an aquarium. Right now we're trying to determine whether it will be salt or fresh water. I love the look of the salt/marine aquariums so much more, but neither of us has ANY experience. Not even a childhood I don't want us to get in over our heads. I dunno. Anyone have experience with aquariums?


Blogger Heather said...

Sorry about the insurance snafu. We don't have much experience with aquariums, but I know we plan to get a salt water tank in a few years.

6:38 AM  
Blogger Hope2morrow said...

Ugh! Insurance stuff stinks! At least you have figured out this is common practice; hopefully that makes you feel better.

*Also, if you know something is wrong with your breast, I would push forward. Believe in your woman's intuition. If it ends up being nothing, at least you will have peace of mind.

I know nothing about aquariums, but I wish you luck! I think aquariums are beautiful!

8:51 AM  
Blogger Meghan said...

Mammograms are NOT fun, I'd rather get wanded any day of the week. Like Hope said though, I'd keep on being aggressive about the pain until you get some answers.

And all I ever had was a goldfish I won at a carnival--he lasted 4 years but he just had a little fish bowl. I always wanted an aquarim though, not sure what my kitty would think

7:52 PM  
Blogger Just Me. said...

Mammograms sound terrible!!! My DH's grandmother's 80 and she still goes for it. She curses and swears cuz she says it's painful.

Sorry about the insurance. Bummer.

1:37 AM  
Blogger Rosie said...

We were originally going to have a salt water aquarium, but after we looked into all of the upkeep, we decided we had way too much going on in our lives for that. We currently have a small aquarium with 8 (I think) fish. As long has you have a filter/pump, there's not much work to it. I love watching my fish swim around.. It's actually really calming. In a few years, we plan to have a salt water aquarium though!

4:06 PM  

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