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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quick Updates and Q&A

Grouted, caulked and ready to roll

Well, we're still working at it. This week we grouted and caulked. Check. Check. I did some shopping for bathroom accessories and we settled on this set from JCPenney's and this cabinet from Target. I also picked up wood trim for windows that I'm going to use to frame the original bathroom mirror. See an example here.

Deathstar asked: How do you find working together on projects with your hubby?
Well, it's getting better. Our main issue is that we tackle problems very differently, although the goal is usually the same. Also he hates planning and I'm an obsessive planner. Opposite <--- ---> Often I give in and let him do things his way to keep the peace just as long as the result is one I agree with. It helps some that I have a lot of DIY experience. My mom was a shop teacher as I was growing up and she taught me a lot too. So far we've only had one screaming match with this project :) I wish I could say it's a blast working together, but it isn't all the time. We always make it through to the end though.

Thanks for all the wonderful compliments. You all are so kind!


Blogger Carrie said...

It looks fantastic.
I don't know how you've only managed to fall out once through this whole project. My husband and I fight from the DIY store through to completion. On EVERY project!

4:53 PM  
Blogger Hope2morrow said...

Looks great, girl! We're working on our master bath and I can't wait to post before and after pictures! Sounds like you and hubby are also complete opposites like Babe and I are. That can be challenging, but it also helps me remember we are two totally different people, which is one of the reasons I married him.

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Warren said...

Ye that looks great..doesn't look like there's much more to do!

6:01 AM  

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