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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Grout, Whoops and Complaint

the grout...

We chose a dark grout because this is the laundry room and we wanted less worry about stains.

This grout was sanded and not as smooth as the marble grout so it left a lot of crumbs that had to be swept before sponge wiping. We used unsanded grout for the marble and sanded for the ceramic. Sanded grout will scratch marble and all other shiny or polished stone tiles.

This is after three wipe-downs with a sponge and water. It took a total of 4-wipe-downs and water changes.

Here's a look at the grout as it's drying. The darker areas are still wet.

All done. Washer and dryer are back in place. We still have trim painting to do.

the whoops...

So here's a sad little story. This is our original bathroom mirror that we had decided we would cut and frame for the new bathroom. Here's hubbs scoring the mirror to snap-cut it.

Here he's using the snap tool to help it break along the line.

Here's the whoops. The scoring didn't work worth a darn. Perhaps the mirror was too thick? So off we went to IKEA and got a new one. I'm still going to frame it.

Here comes the complaint. Last year we got a brand new DVD recorder and player by SAMSUNG. It's the R155. Do not buy this player. It's has an over heating problem that eventually kills the processor. It worked really well for a few months and then stopped playing certain DVDs. Now it won't play anything. Of course I contacted Samsung and they told me unless I could produce a receipt so that they could determine if the warranty it still good, they couldn't help. I argued that this is a known problem with this model and they should stand behind their product, but no luck. I also told them that although I no longer had the receipt, the manufacture date on the player is June 2007 so it couldn't be very old, but nope. I even offered to pay for the shipping to have it fixed, but still nothing. My husband is writing a letter of complaint and we'll see if that does anything. Terrible customer service and a terrible product. I'll never buy another Samsung anything. Beware of the Samsung R155 or R-155 or R 155 DVD recorder player. It's a piece of crap. I wish I had read the reviews first.


Blogger Deathstar said...

The one thing that I find with this new devices is that they don't last. I had a VCR that lasted longer (10 years!)than our new flatscreen did - we had to have our brand new Toshiba 42" flatscreen repaired only after 3 months. Yeah, great fun transporting that to the repair shop and back. Same with DVD players. We have 3 now. We got a free one (Prima) with the TV and that was crap; replaced it once and it's still crap. The old Zenith still works though. The LG works most of the time.

Great tile job!

1:02 PM  
Blogger butterflyanla said...

Great tile job. I love home improvements. Sorry about the mirror, but IKEA totally rocks!

7:33 PM  
Blogger Hope2morrow said...

Love the new tile, chica! You guys are so awesome for doing this renovating yourselves. Very impressive!

8:57 PM  

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