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Monday, April 16, 2007


I like the term waffle. Used by people in the UK a lot to describe when someone is rambling. I waffle often. And I've got lots swimming around in my head today.

Hubby and I went to his cousins house yesterday. He and his wife just had a baby about 9-weeks ago. They too had IF issues and also had 2 miscarriages--one at 7 months. I think I go over there to get a baby-fix. It's like me watching those damn TLC shows. It seems a little nutty to me.

Since hubbys count was looking so much better and we're actually seeing some progress, we got a fertility monitor last cycle. Umm...why did I not ovulate until day 22 or so. WTF? I can't even describe the shock. And the guilt b/c how long have I been o'ing this late?? Here I am thinking seeing EWCM means O within the next day or so. More like a week later. I feel like an idiot. But what can I

The Internet is great. Really I love it. What would I do without it. So my latest obsession is morphology. I'm so worried that his count will go up, but the morh will still be 1%. Of course I have him on every vitamin known to help since he started the Arimidex. I'm really hoping it helps. But of course, I can't stop searching. Looking for others. Looking for advice. Looking for a miracle.

When I met my husband, cooking became my new hobby. I'm an allrecipes freak and I love getting recipes for my fav restaurant dishes. Olive Garden actually posts the recipe for their fonduta on their site and it really does taste just like the restaurant. Mine at this point I think is even better. I also love the salad, so I buy the dressing from the restaurant and get these Rothbury Farm croutons from Giant. I must have tried every croton known before finding this gem. Love it! So, my latest is the pineapple-upside-down cheesecake from cheesecake factory. I have got to duplicate this recipe. Maybe today. I make desserts and send them to work with my hubby so I won't eat them all.

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